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Five Under Five

Best Treats With A Tiny Price Tag

The city is chock full of big flavours. But sometimes, a foodie just needs a pick-me-up. Here’s a handful of Cornwall’s small flavours with tiny price tags.

1.Samosas at Asian Grocery, $1 per piece (party pack, $10 for 12)

You can find some of the city’s best Indian fast food at the lowest prices at the Asian Grocery. Their samosas, the delicious East Indian hand pie, with chicken or beef filling are yummy when you want an exotic snack.

Asian Grocery, 812 Pitt Street, Cornwall, 613-933-8941

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2. Hot dog from Séguin Patate, $2 each

The classic “steamie” from this local institution makes the list because…well, just because. This chip truck—which once roamed the roads of Cornwall—produces one fine chien chaud. Pick your toppings, grab onto that strangely soft white bun and chomp down with satisfaction—all for less than the cost of a coffee.

Séguin Patate, 921 Marlborough Street, Cornwall

3. Rice Pudding at Philo’s, $2.50 a bowl

If rice pudding is your thing, then Philo’s is the place for you. It’s made fresh every day, topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. It even has a secret ingredient: orange zest. (But don’t tell them we told you.)

Philos Restaurant, 1613 Pitt Street, Cornwall, www.philosrestaurant.com

via Marrow & Spice

4. Pepperettes from Roadapple Ranch, $2.50 each

Marrow and Spice stocks these morsels of meat from this Finch-based Farm. They’re carefully crafted with grass-fed beef and pork and are available with medium heat. Other flavours are available on request.

Marrow and Spice, 40-812 Pitt Street, Cornwall, www.marrowandspice.com

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5. Protein Balls at Mindful Cookery, $2.50 each

Warning: These little delightful balls are actually booster bombs! Made with organic nuts and dates, each little bite packs in six to eight grams of protein in each. Great for when you’re exhausted and need a little mid-afternoon shot of energy.

Mindful Cookery, 110 Pitt St, Cornwall, www.mindfulcookery.com

BONUS: Popcorn at Emards, $0 (Yes, Free!)

If you’re DIY-ing this weekend, skip Home Depot and head to Emard’s. They have free popcorn, popped in their own machine. This crunchy, salty (and probably note entirely good for you snack) is oddly delicious.

Emard Bros. Lumber, 840 Tenth St E, Cornwall, www.emardlumber.ca

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