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FALL PREVIEW 2016: Peppermills

By Sébastien (Mani) Manigat | Photography by Jason McNamara

With Restaurant Week just around the corner, Chef Fabien from Peppermills gives us an exclusive first-look at their anticipated menu.

Cornwall, ONT, October 12, 2016: Chef Fabien Clement Lynch, 24, is the new Executive Chef at Peppermills and Winners Sports Bar, both located in the Best Western Parkway Inn. Born and raised in Cornwall, this exciting young newcomer has already made his imprint felt in one of Cornwall’s longest running dining establishments.

Since his hire during the Summer, patrons may have already noticed a few changes including a completely new menu at Winners and the return of Friday and Saturday night Prime Rib dinners.



Prior to the beginning of Restaurant Week, Chef Fabien and his Sous-Chef Brad Ruest invited us for a private tasting of their menu: “Our main drive was to bring out the fall “theme” as much as possible and at the same time highlight some of our best attributes.”


Appetizer: Fried Kalettes | Truffle Oil | Shaved Parmesan | Garlic Aoili

“Brad and I actually had tasted a version of this in a restaurant in Peterborough. We really liked how the saltiness, the bitterness, and the crispiness of the dish all came together. So we took that approach and added our own spin to it. We took chilled Kalettes, which is a hybrid between kale and Brussels sprouts, and deep fried them. Lightly tossed them in truffle oil, parmesan, and salt & pepper. We plated it with a fresh garlic aioli and parmesan flakes. Very simple, but very addictive (laughs)!”






Main: Frenched Pork Chop Brined In Apple cider | Black Peppercorn & Bacon Chutney | “Trail Mix” Snow Peas | Sweet Potato Mash




“This dish is very much a product from the whole kitchen. We tossed lots of ideas around, but settled pretty quickly on using the pork chop as a starting point. I saw the reception from the previous (restaurant) week and wanted to continue in that same direction. We really wanted to draw from fall flavours, so we brined the chop in apple cider vinegar for 12 hours. The chutney is more of an expression of my style. I’m definitely a ‘sweet & salty’ nut! We created this “candied”  sauce with black peppercorn, bacon, garlic, onion, apple juice, and maple syrup. We also wanted to do something a bit different by incorporating the pan fried snow peas with the Trail Mix… gives it a little crunch. It all comes together very nicely with a hearty spoonful of sweet potato mash.”


Dessert: Vanilla Sponge Cake | Maple Cream Sauce | Pistachio Dust | Sugar Nest




“I kind of stole this recipe from my girlfriend’s stepdad! (laughs) He’s from Quebec… from a small farm town. And he made a version of this for us a couple of months ago: a very typical Canadian desert which was just a sponge cake with this very sweet maple sauce. I just fell in love with the sauce, because it kind of reminded me of my childhood, like deserts my Grandma used to make. So he shared with me his recipe, but we took that and added some contrast with a little bit of saltiness in the sauce along with the pistachio dust. Adds a very nice balance, but it’s still pretty sweet.”



Peppermils is located in The Best Western Parkway Inn in Cornwall, ONT. They will be participating in the Seaway Food Festival Restaurant Week this fall. View their menu or call 613-932-0451 to make your reservation today!



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