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Seaway Food Festival Introduces “The Magazine”

By February 19, 2015Press Release

The Seaway Food Festival set to publish original content via their “in-house magazine”

Cornwall, ONT, February 19, 2015: The Seaway Food Festival will be releasing original content to accompany their seasonal festivals. Published by BASTION Hospitality, this on-line magazine will contain original stories told by means of interviews, shorts stories, reviews, essays, videos, and amazing images.

Editor-In-Chief Sebastien (Mani) Manigat explains: “Here we hope to expose to you a variety of interesting stories concerning food and culture in our region. […] We have no particular agenda. We are not here to make news, but rather to tell interesting stories about the “movers and shakers” in our community.”

Mani joined forces with local photographer and artist Jason McNamara. Jason will act as Art Director and will lead all creative initiatives for the magazine. Jason is the owner of Framed Photography in Cornwall, Ontario.

For more info visit: www.swff.ca/magazine or www.facebook.com/seawayfoodfestival For more information about BASTION Hospitality: www.bastionhospitality.ca

For more information about framed photography: http://www.framedphotography.ca

About BASTION Hospitality

BASTION Hospitality was founded in 2014 with a distinct mission: help deliver proven hospitality solutions to our clients. We strive to help business owners develop a solid foundation and business strategy so they can be successful. We will work to improve sales, productivity, organization, culture, and employee relations. With over 10 years experience in the service and marketing industry, we have a unique perspective on cultural identities, consumer behaviors, and hospitality trends.

About Sebastien (Mani) Manigat

Born and raised in Cornwall, Mani has over 10 years of hospitality, marketing and event management experience. Most recently he obtained his MBA in Marketing & Leadership from McGill, where he specialized in branding, digital strategy, and communications. He also holds a bachelor’s degree from

Contacts for the #SWFF: Sebastien (Mani) Manigat / t: 1-866-620-5142 / e: mani@bastionhospitality.ca

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