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Cornwall's Summer Beer Fest

Summer Beer Fest announces the full list of participating breweries.

Cornwall, ONT., June 16th, 2016: The Summer Beer Fest is shaping up to be the premier destination for beer lovers in the Seaway Valley. Set to be held on July 9th, 2016 from 11am to 7pm at the Jet Set Pub (NAV Centre), the Summer Beer Fest has attracted 14 breweries, 1 cidery, and 2 wineries to Cornwall for a summer social experience unlike any other in our region. The variety and depth of local producers we have attracted is sure to satisfy a wide swath of the community.

“The Seaway Food Festival’s goal from the outset has been to create opportunities for our community to celebrate our culinary scene and discover the breadth and depth of our breweries. Again, Summer Beer Fest is putting an emphasis on “local”. We are bringing together homegrown musical talents, local restaurants, and Canadian breweries for a truly unique experience in our community. To see months and months of work coming together is truly exciting and we cannot wait to share this with our city,” says Seaway Food Festival Director Sebastien Manigat.


At Summer Beer Fest, guests can expect to see local breweries such as Rurban (Cornwall), Cassel Brewery (Casselman), Kichesippi (Ottawa), Beau’s (Vankleek Hill), and Tuque De Broue (Limoges). This year, we will also welcome our first non-Ontarian brewery: P.E.I. Brewing Co.

“Obviously this is a must-attend for any beer lover. We worked tirelessly to put a good line-up for our guests. We brought back some participants from last year, but diversity was a goal from the outset. In fact, close to a dozen breweries will be making their first appearance at Summer Beer Fest. Furthermore, we knew that adding more choices would enhance the experience. We are nearing close to 60 different beers for the day!” added co-organizer Ian Bentley, Food & Beverage Director at the NAV Centre.

Summer Beer Fest is not only for beer lovers. Again, guests will be able to sample ciders from Brickworks and wines from Smokey Ridge Winery and Joseph’s Estate Wines. Below you will find the full list of participants:

Cassel Brewery Beau’s All Natural Tuque de Broue Kichesippi Beer Muskoka Brewery Rurban Brewing
Forked River Calabogie Brewing Joseph’s Estate Wines Bicycle Craft Mill Street Whitewater
Hockley Valley Smokie Ridge Vineyard Steam Whistle PEI  Brewing Co. Brickworks Cider Railway City Brewing Co. 

Tickets for the Summer Beer Fest are on sale now for $20. You can purchase them online or  at the NAV Centre.  Guests will be able to purchase tokens on site that they can exchange for alcoholic or food consumptions. For more information about Summer Beer Fest, tickets, and entertainment, please visit our site.

Please contact Sebastien (Mani) Manigat at mani@bastionhospitality.ca for more information.

For more info visit: www.seawayfoodfestival.ca or www.facebook.com/seawayfoodfestival

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