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Introducing "Beer Fest Summer School"

Summer Beer Fest partners with to produce education courses during the event!

Cornwall, ONT., June 21, 2016: The Summer Beer Fest is excited to announce a new element to its second edition: Beer Fest Summer School. We partnered with Jay Killoran from to produce education sessions for our guests. Appropriately titled BEER 101, BEER & CHEESE 201, and BEER & FOOD PAIRING 301, these courses are meant to expand the horizons of the casual craft beer drinker and/or enhance the Summer Beer Fest experience of our most seasoned craft beer enthusiasts. The course are approximately half-hour sessions and have limited seating capacity. To sign-up visit the shop.


BEER 101| 12:30 PM or 1:00 PM | $10

So, you want to know more about beer… Well, let us pour you four beers from a variety of styles and get comfortable because there’s a lot to learn about this very diverse beverage.  This class will cover the ingredients in beer, and will guide you through the process of truly tasting the beer in front of you, allowing you to experience beer with a whole different level of enjoyment.  Four beer samples are included. Space is limited.

beer 101

BEER & CHEESE 201 | 2:00 PM & 2:30 PM | $13

Wine and cheese Pairings are a well-known art, but beer and cheese pairings are just as complex and delicious.  Beer nurtures the flavors of the cheese in the mouth, thus producing an interesting array of remarkable combinations.  Pairing Beer & Cheese 201 will feature a candid chat about pairing beer with cheese, including a tutored tasting with four beer and cheese samples. Four samples of beer and cheeses are included. Space is limited.


BEER & FOOD PAIRING 301 | 3:30 PM & 4:00 PM | $16

When we normally think of matching beer with food, we think of wings and chips.  But if that’s all you use beer for, you’re really missing out.  Tasting beer and food together is something worth doing because the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.   Simply stated, craft beer and food can transform each other.  Beer and Food Pairing – 301 will feature a menu from Chef Dave Petrynka from Eight Zero Zero. Four samples of beer and hors-d’oeuvres are included. Space is limited.



“We are very glad to have joined forces with Jay Killoran and for this new feature. Beer Fest Summer School is meant to not only teach the casual craft beer drinker about the complexities of beer, but more importantly enhance the overall experience of our students. has done private events as well as organized its periodic “Beer Dinners” for years now, and we are genuinely happy to be able to have Jay share his expertise with our guests. This will be without a doubt a very popular addition to our festival. I encourage anyone who is interested in one of our courses to sign up today!” added Sebastien Manigat, Director of The Seaway Food Festival.

About the Teacher:

As a Prud’homme certified Beer Specialist, homebrewer and all around beer enthusiast, Jay Killoran has created Aleienated to not only entertain, but to educate the Cornwall community by organizing various beer related events for local beer lovers.

His successful Aleienated Beer Dinners series showcases how the art of craft brewing can be skilfully paired with mouth-watering creations by chefs using locally sourced ingredients. These dinners move from various Cornwall restaurants and are hosted by beer industry speakers and chefs to help guests further appreciate the nuances of the beer and food pairings.

Jay Killoran from

Tickets for the Summer Beer Fest are on sale now for $20. You can purchase them online or  at the NAV Centre.  Guests will be able to purchase tokens on site that they can exchange for alcoholic or food consumptions. We are also in the works of putting an exciting entertainment line-up together. For more information about Summer Beer Fest, tickets, and entertainment, please visit our site.

Please contact Edyth VonRueden at [email protected] for more information.

For more info visit: or visit our  Facebook page.

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