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Brewed Sessions MA0317: St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Cornwall, ONT, March 2017: With St-Paddy’s Day right around the corner, we asked the Dean of Summer Beer Beer Fest, Jay Killorn (Aleienated.ca) to help us drink like an Irishman. This year, pick up a few of these gems and we promise, you will be the life of the party (and maybe even gain the luck of the Irish!).

This beer gives you the feeling that spring has sprung.

Carol Anne Irish Blonde Ale | Whiprsnapr Brewing Company (Nepean)

Vitals: Irish Blonde Ale, 4.7% ABV, 34 IBU, $3.00/473ml can

Whiprsnapr likes to say there are all kinds of ways to #EarnYourBeer, like renovating, camping, mountain biking, or just cutting the grass. What will you do to earn their Carol Anne Irish Blonde Ale? This beautiful brew gives you the feeling that spring has sprung.  It pours deep gold in colour, with a hazy appearance and tight creamy white head.  Dry hopping provides tropical fruit aromas, while the malt provides hints of honey, hay and fresh cut grass. Sweet malty flavours indicate the presence of honey and wheat malts.  English hops add light bitterness to the palate, making this an easy drinking beer with a clean refreshing finish. Now that you’ve learned all about this Irish Blonde, get out there and #EarnYourCarolAnne!

Available on draft at Truffles Burger Bar and in cans at Jet Set Pub.

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A standard choice for St. Patrick’s Day since 1710!

Smithwick’s Premium Red Ale | Guinness Ltd. (Dublin)

Vitals: Irish Red Ale, 4.5% ABV, 20 IBU, $2.50/500ml can

If you’re looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a few traditional pints, remember to “Drink good beer, and not green beer!” Brewed in Kilkenny, Ireland since 1710, Smithwick’s Premium Red Ale would certainly meet that requirement.  At 4.5% ABV, this Irish Red Ale pours red amber in colour with a quickly dissipating off-white head that leaves behind some nice lacing.  Big caramel nose with faint ginger bread, dried fruit and nuttiness. Palate follows suit, with caramel, burnt toast, molasses and a slight fruity flavour.  Slick smooth medium body with nice carbonation intensity.  A touch of hop bitterness on the finish makes this nicely balanced and easy to drink. Sláinte!

Available locally at LCBO and The Beer Store.

A limited release. Don’t miss out on this Ontarian Classic.

Strong Patrick Irish Style Red Ale | Beau’s Brewing Company (Vankleek Hill)

Vitals: Irish-Style Red Ale, 6.7% ABV, 24 IBU, $7.95/600ml bottle

As part of the Wild Oats series, Strong Patrick puts a new twist on an old classic style.  This strong Irish Red Ale uses Irish Ale yeast, with part of the batch being aged in whisky barrels.  Pours a beautiful mahogany colour with a dense beige head.  The oak aging process contributes hints of vanilla, caramel, oak and whiskey aromas.  With a strong sweet malt backbone, the flavour mirrors the aromas of caramel and vanilla, with a slight bitterness on the finish to help balance out the sweetness.  Strong Patrick is a limited release and is only available for a short period to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. The warming alcohol and complexities of this Irish Red ale is worth experiencing before it is gone for another year.

Available locally at LCBO.

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A creamy, cascading pour. Enough said.

Cobblestone Stout | Mill Street Brewery (Toronto)

Vitals: Traditional Irish-Style Stout, 4.2% ABV, 30 IBU, $3.15/440ml can

The Cobblestone Stout is Mill Street’s take on a classic dry Irish Stout.  The nitrogen-charged can, produces a creamy, cascading pour that we have come to associate with the style.  A deep black body with ruby tints and a massive light-tan head that laces the side of the glass with every sip.  Aroma is mildly malty, with notes of wood smoke, coffee, and hints of vanilla.  The velvety mouth coating starts faintly sweet, with a nuttiness that leads to a dry body of coffee and a lingering hop bitterness on the finish.  If you are looking for a true Irish Stout, one that has not spent several weeks arriving here by boat, the Cobblestone Stout is the perfect choice.

Available locally at LCBO.

About Jay:

A Prud’homme-certified Beer Specialist, homebrewer and all around beer enthusiast, Jay Killoran is our resident beer expert, and the founder of Aleienated.ca. His successful “Aleienated Beer Dinner” series demonstrates the art of pairing craft brewing with mouthwatering creations concocted by chefs who use locally-sourced ingredients. Each dinner is hosted at a different restaurant in Cornwall, and is hosted by beer industry speakers and chefs who help guests appreciate the coming together of beer and food.

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