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BREW LIFE #2: Ancient Recipe, Kettle Series, and More!

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Hello! Enjoy this small taste of Brew Life, a compendium of cool stuff. Brought to you by your friends at SUMMER BEER FEST. 


What do you do when archaeologists discover a 5,000-year-old beer recipe from northeast China?  Stanford University students did what anyone would do: they recreated the recipe. Read all about it. 

3D BEER?!?

3D printing is cool. But 3D printing using eco-friendly filament made from the beer waste by-products of beer is hella cool.

The filament—the stuff printers use to, er, print—is called Buzzed, and is made in North Dakota by 3D-Fuel.  Check it out. And be amazed. 

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Boston’s Lights Out, a trippy band-slash-light project and Aeronaut Brewing Co. have collaborated to create T.R.I.P., a sci-fi album and an adventure beer. You read that right: a band collaborated with a craft brewer to make a beer to go with its music.

Read more about the story behind this radness here.


Baby, it’s still cold outside. Warm up with a hearty serving of Flying Monkeys Smashbomb Atomic IPA Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Get the recipe. 

If you’re feeling a little under the weather, this Vitamin C Brew could be the perfect antidote.


Muskoka Brewery launched their 2017 Moonlight Kettle Beer program which features a speciality beer every month. Guess who’s in on that action? Esca Gourmet Pizza + Bar, that’s who. This month’s featured brew is the Raspbeery Coco Lait, a chocolate raspberry milk stout.

Not to be outdone, Schnitzel’s European Flavours has partnered with Beau’s for feBREWary. Each week, you can get a new taste. Coming up for the remainder of the month (and a little bit into March): Blood Simple, with the character of a Belgian-style witbier and Tyrannosaurus Gruit, a red gruit ale. Bottom’s up!

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