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Introducing “Box-ED” by Christian Barque

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The Seaway Food Festival ventures into recipe and fresh ingredient service with top local chef

Cornwall, ONT., February 3, 2017: Seaway Food Festival, creator and organizer of Restaurant Week and Summer Beer Fest, today announced “Box-ED”, a new innovative dining experience curated by Christian Barque. At its core, Box-ED is designed for those who are looking to expand their culinary horizons whilst looking to alleviate the stress surrounding planning holidays and special occasions.


Box-ED is a fresh ingredient and recipe service that is available in the Cornwall, ON area. Periodically, Christian will transport his passion and skills directly into your home kitchen. Every menu is inspired by the occasion and season. All the necessary ingredients along with detailed instructions are neatly assembled in our take-home boxes. The best part is that every item is measured and portioned for easy assembly and no-fuss cleanup. Save money by using only what you need and don’t scurry around town trying to find all the necessary items.

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Limited quantities available.


In addition, Box-ED offers an interactive and engaging private dinning course. Conceived for groups (4-16), this program is customized and conceptualized with the customer and promises to deliver an unforgettable night. (For more information: 866-620-5142 or box-ed@bastionhospitality.ca)

“We’ve been discussing and brainstorming this project pretty much since the first day I met Christian. From the start, we clicked because we both shared similar values and visions.  Box-ED is our attempt at getting people to just enjoy the ‘art of food’ as much as we do by broadening the foodie culture here in our community. At the core it’s about eating… and drinking… and cooking… and discovering… and sharing… with the people you love. That’s what the whole Seaway Food Festival experience is all about,” concluded Sebastien Manigat.

Want a first look at our next menus? Want to join our home chef community!  Subscribe to Box-ED to access special promotions.

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