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Save the date! Cornwall’s Summer Beer Fest comes back July 9, 2016.

The Seaway Food Festival, in partnership with the Jet Set Pub (NAV Centre,) are planning an even bigger and better Summer Beer Fest in 2016!

Cornwall, ONT., January 8, 2016: The Seaway Food Festival is excited to announce the second edition of Cornwall’s Summer Beer Fest, set to be held on July 9th, 2016 at the Jet Set Pub (NAV Centre). The Summer Beer Fest is an experimental marketing initiative created by the Seaway Food Festival that celebrates our amazing local food scene and our region’s craft breweries. Last year’s inaugural event was a massive success, with over 1,250 guests, 5 food vendors, and 15 breweries. This was by far the largest craft beer event Cornwall has ever seen, and in the second edition we hope deliver and even better social experience for our community. (To view photos from last year’s Summer Beer Fest click here.)

Again, we are excited to announce several restaurants and eating establishments will be participating as food vendors during the event. They will be displaying unique menus representative of their establishments. Last years vendors were Love Love Food, Bar Q, Table 21, Truffles Burger Bar, Schnitzels, and the NAV Centre. As for the participating breweries, guests can expect another diverse set of Canadian vendors. Last year, 15 breweries brought over 35 beers and ciders for guest to enjoy. We have already received confirmations from close to a dozen vendors. We will release the final list of participating breweries and restaurants in the upcoming months.

Festival organizers Sebastien Manigat (Director of the Seaway Food Festival) and Ian Bentley (Food & Beverage Director of the NAV Centre) announced that the Summer Beer Fest would be held on July 9th from 11am to 7pm (tentatively). The event will take place at NAV Centre on the Jet Set Pub patio and surrounding area. During the event, guests will be able to purchase $2 coupons, which can be exchanged for samples of alcoholic beverages and/or food items, subject to pricing. Live entertainment coupled with the “shared-seating” arrangement provided by the picnic tables will create a unique experience for all festivalgoers. Tickets will go on sale starting May 30th, 2016 at participating establishments, NAV Centre, or on-line.

So what can festivalgoers expect in the second edition? “Our goal is to continuously improve the social, cultural, culinary, and tasting experience for our guests. Since, the conclusion of the first Summer Beer Fest, we’ve been discussing the various ways for us to do so. We are currently finalizing some of those elements, but we do know that one of the areas of focus will be education,” said organizer Sebastien Manigat.

If you missed last year’s edition or were unable to purchase tickets, do not worry: “Right off the bat, at the conclusion of the first Cornwall’s Summer Beer Fest we knew we had potential to make it even bigger. This year we will be releasing 2,000 tickets, and our expectation is that this will be another sell-out event. All of our stakeholders are extremely eager and we can’t wait to start putting all the various elements together. Obviously, we (NAV Centre) are very excited to host this event again. Summer Beer Fest was a resounding success and we know we know we have all the resources necessary to ensure that it will be as successful this year,” added Ian Bentley.

Planning for the second edition has been in the works for months now with expectations set pretty high by the organizers, as well as last year’s participants: “We received tremendous positive feedback last year. And, obviously, we’ve identified plenty of opportunities for this event to grow. But, an event of this magnitude requires lots of planning. We’ve already received confirmations from restaurants, breweries, partners, and sponsors. Everyone is eager to get to work and make this happen,” concluded Sebastien Manigat.

If you would like to participate as a sponsor, vendor, or brewery, please contact the Seaway Food Festival at info@bastionhospitality.ca.

Please contact Sebastien (Mani) Manigat at mani@bastionhospitality.ca for more information.

The Director of the Seaway Food Festival is Sebastien (Mani) Manigat and the concept was created and conceived by BASTION Hospitality.

Jet Set Pub is owned by NAV Centre and is under the management of Ian Bentley, Food & Beverage Director at NAV Centre.

For more info visit: www.seawayfoodfestival.ca/beerfest  or www.facebook.com/seawayfoodfestival

For more information about BASTION Hospitality: www.bastionhospitality.ca

For more information about Jet Set Pub: www.navcentre.ca/en/Jet_Set_Pub

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