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Local Beer Club Supports Cornwall’s Summer Beer Fest

Organizers join forces with The Cornwall HomeBrew Club

Cornwall, ONT., July 1, 2015: Cornwall’s Inaugural Summer Beer Fest, created by the Seaway Food Festival and hosted at the NAV Centre, has enlisted the help of our local beer enthusiasts to deliver what promises to be a unique and exciting event for the community. Summer Beer Fest is a celebration of our craft beer scene in Ontario and that rings even truer now when local craft beer groups such as The Cornwall HomeBrew Club joins the cause.

The Cornwall HomeBrew Club was founded in August of 2013 by Ryan Chaytor as a means of organizing, promoting and supporting homebrewing in the greater Cornwall area through various community and club events as well as serving as a resource of knowledge for all home brewers.

On top of regular monthly meetings, they organize numerous brewing tutorials, BJCP certification classes, assorted workshops, competitions, as well as coordinating group buys. As a member of the AHA, they also organize and participate in “Big Brew” for National Homebrew day, Mead Day, Learn to Brew Day and they were represented for the first time at the National Homebrewers Conference in 2014. Founder Ryan Chator adds, “All in all, we just discuss and do what we love to do which is everything homebrewing. So if you’ve never home brewed before, have just started or if you’re a seasoned veteran, hop over and join us.”

Not only are they active promoters and advocates of craft beer and the Summer Beer Fest, they will also be physically supporting the event. Members of The Cornwall HomeBrew Club will be helping Church-Key, Covered Bridge, and Broadhead pour their product during the festival. Further, their wide network and reputation has helped organizers secure participation from several breweries. “We are very thankful to have this kind of support from Ryan and his group. It’s really neat to see this community of beer lovers come together in this manner. We know with their help we will make this beer festival a very memorable event,” adds organizer Sebastien Manigat.

Tickets for Cornwall’s Summer Beer Fest are on sale now, either online (www.seawayfoodfestival.ca) or at the NAV Centre (cash only), for only $10. “At ten days out, we are nearing our capacity. We sold over 800 tickets so far, and have less than 200 available. This kind of response is mind-blowing. People are eager for this type of event,” adds, Sebastien Manigat.

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