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Introducing the Tipsy Teachers from SchoolHouseBooze.com

Seaway Food Festival Partners with SchoolHouseBooze.com

Cornwall, ONT., July 4th, 2015: As the Summer Beer Fest nears, we are proud to announce our collaboration with SchoolHouseBooze.com and the Tipsy Teachers Rachel & Ashley. This unique source of original content was created for foodies and beers lovers alike, and we are very happy to have them join the Seaway Food Festival family. We have enlisted their expertise to curate unique “classes” for the Summer Beer Fest.

Novices need not to worry: “No textbooks or note taking required for this class – just an open mind, empty glass and a spirit to learn! Here’s to finding your signature cocktail, discovering the difference between lagers and ales, ordering with confidence, and everything else in between,” explains Tipsy Teacher Rachel, co-Founder of SchoolHouseBooze.com.

Ashley and Rachel ask the questions we were once too afraid to ask; what’s the difference between soju and sake? Shaken or stirred? Do bitters make your drink bitter? What’s on tap and what does draught even mean? Before starting out on this boozy adventure, they found themselves ordering the same drink all the time and came to the conclusion that there’s more to life than a vodka cran. Now they’re on a mission to learn all things alcohol and share their new knowledge with their readers! Read along as they explore the industry through their five classes (Health, Chemistry, Art, History and HomeEc) or come out to one of their in-person events!

“We know that a little education can go a long way, so learn along with us, top up your glass and become an A+ booze connoisseur! Join the School House Booze class to learn all about this wonderful, and sometimes confusing, world of alcohol,” explains Tipsy Teacher Ashley, co-founder of SchoolHouseBooze.com.

In the spirit of celebrating Ontario’s craft beer scene and our Summer Beer Fest, the Tipsy Teachers have curated a unique little lesson plan sure to enlighten even the savviest connoisseurs. Looking forward to the Summer Beer Fest? Required reading is the Official Summer Beer Fest Survival Guide. Want to impress your guests or your special someone at your next summer gathering? Check out this amazing Chicken on a Cider Can recipe. Maybe you’re looking for a cool activity to do with your littles ones? This amazing Beer Cap Tealights will surely set the mood just right during these summer nights. (*Articles to be published the week of July 6-10, 2015)

“We are very fortunate to have the Tipsy Teachers featured in our Magazine. Their creative approach really breaks down the walls of intimidation the foodie and craft beer cultures may have on certain people. We are especially pleased with the Summer Beer Fest Survival Guide, which we know will help our community navigate Cornwall’s Inaugural Summer Beer Fest,” adds Sebastien Manigat, Director of the Seaway Food Festival.

The Summer Beer Fest is shaping up to be a must-do event for beer lovers in our community. Set to be held on July 11th, 2015 from 11am to 7pm at the Jet Set Pub (NAV Centre), the Summer Beer Fest has attracted close to a dozen breweries to Cornwall for a summer beer-experience unlike any other in this region. In addition, for the casual beer enthusiast, the Summer Beer Fest will also include a cidery, a winery, and a craft distillery. The variety and depth of local producers we have attracted is sure to satisfy a wide swath of the community.

Tickets for the Summer Beer Fest are on sale now for $10. You can purchase them online or at the NAV Centre. Guests will be able to purchase coupons on site that they can exchange for alcoholic or food consumptions. “At 7 days out, we are nearing our capacity. We sold over 800 tickets so far, and have less than 200 available. This kind of response is mind-blowing. People are eager for this type of event,” adds, Sebastien Manigat.


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